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"Therapy is a tool to unlock hidden parts of yourself and a place where you can learn new ways of being". 

How I work:

As an integrative therapist, I believe that with the use of all modalities of theory, I can tailor my knowledge to your needs and wishes.  When life becomes overwhelming and unbearable, it may be a time to turn towards asking for help. Therapy has been proven to work effectively, and I personally have seen dramatic changes with those I have worked with. 


My work is driven by the connection and relationship that I form with my clients. Primarily, my goal is to allow them to feel safe and secure to speak about their issues in a confidential and non-judgemental setting. I aim to support my client and help them to release their emotional pain by shedding light on their personal relationships, family history and daily struggles. Together, we can build your confidence so you can make the right decisions in your future by exploring and reflecting old patterns and repeats. Like anything transformative, positive changes do not happen over-night and it is important to be kind to yourself and to remember that coming to therapy is the first step; and a step in the right direction...

Working with couples:

I support couples at any stage of their relationship to improve communication or develop intimacy. Whether you are experiencing divorce, betrayals, sexual differences and difficulties I will facilitate these struggles with you in a balanced and constructive way. We will explore the impact of the issue and work out how to overcome these. We can do this by looking at all aspects of your life, and even your former life prior to meeting your partner. I see couples of every sexual and gender orientation.

Qualifications and experience:

  • MA- Masters at Regents University London in Integrative psychotherapy. 

  • PG DIP- Diploma in Integrative psychotherapy at Regents University London.

  • Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Regents University London.

  • BACP member

  • Certificate in working with couples at the Therapy Institute.

  • Volunteer counsellor at Suicide & co. 

  • Over 3 years experience working as a psychotherapist in a charity based in south-west London that predominately is a psycho-sexual clinic.

  • 2 years experience of guidance, mentorship and talking therapies with the homeless in south-east London.

  • 2 years experience doing Art and Music therapy in an orphanage based in Indonesia.

Areas of expertise:

- Abuse

- Addiction

- Anxiety

- Bereavement and grief

- Depression

- Eating disorders

- Gender questioning/ transitioning

- Homelessness

- Loneliness and isolation

- Relationship difficulties (divorce, separation & struggles)

- Religion and cults

- Self- esteem and lack of confidence

- Self-harm

- Sexual issues 

- Sexuality 

- Stress

- Mild Suicidal ideations

- Trauma

What happens in therapy?

Therapy allows you to explore and share difficulties with a professional and qualified practitioner in a safe environment. With time, you can find yourself learning new ways to approach aspects of your life that you struggled with. Therapy helps to open your mind to new possibilities and through guidance, one can expect to obtain a profound sense of confidence.  

Who do I work with?

- Individuals


- Elderly 

They must be over 18 years old.

How many sessions will we have?

The amount of sessions is up to you. If you are looking for short or long term therapy this can be discussed in our first session. If you do not know. Do not worry. We can review this as the therapy progresses. 

What to expect from our first session?

The first session provides an overview of your goals, presenting issues but most importantly, a space where I can discover who you are. Looking at your history (including family and relationships), career, goals and aspirations and current issues gives me a chance to understand your situation. Typically, our first session has more questions than usual. It may be useful to think about your goals before our session. 

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