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My Story

My journey in becoming a psychotherapist started over five years ago but I have been in caring roles all of my life. From working in an orphanage in Indonesia, to raising over £30,000 for charity climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, giving and providing comfort to others is at the epicentre of my belief system. My previous occupation was interior design but it quickly showed me I was being unfulfilled. With my design background, providing the perfect therapeutic space was important and I hope that you find enjoyment within it as well. 

I have had first hand experience with many issues that include relationship struggles (including divorce), bereavement, weight issues and low self-esteem. Losing a parent at a young age meant that my world was shaken and turned on its head. A sudden shock and change is traumatising and my own therapy has enabled me to find better ways of dealing with it by increasing my awareness.  

Outside of therapy, other than being with friends and family, I enjoy nature and wildlife, travel, film and theatre, books and cooking.

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